30 messages

The concept of a 30 message limit is simple yet flowing with creativty. This feature creates a networking platform never seen before.

Clean Chat Interface

A chat convo should be visually appealing at all times, which is why Shoot Your Shot uses a semi transparent message background and dark convo background.

Real Time Database

All content is uploaded to a secure and fast database. Content can not be viewed inside database.

Match Algorithm

An algorithm to match you with people you would have never expected.


Shamari Walker

Shamari Walker is the 18-year-old CEO/Founder of AscuniaTechâ„¢ LLC. He is a School City of Hammond student that attends Gavit High School. Ranking in the top 10% of his class, he also runs a company all by himself. The idea of Shoot Your Shot originated from him analyzing how many people are never even given at least 30 messages to show a little bit of who they are. Well now they can.